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  • Phone: +1 707-344-4101
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Sunday 5AM to 8PM
Monday 5AM to 8PM
Tuesday 5AM to 8PM
Wednesday 5AM to 8PM
Thursday 5AM to 8PM
Friday 5AM to 8PM
Saturday 5AM to 8PM


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Alexsandra Shnayder (5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5))
Lap of love was amazing on such a hard day for us. From the staff to Dr.Butler everyone was so genuine and nice. Dr.Butler was who helped us send our Frankie off to Heaven, she was gentle and explained the process before and along the way.
I’m glad we were able to relieve any pain, and thag Frankie was able to enter Heaven pain free surrounded by us in his favorite spot.

Kelly Bezz (5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5))
Lap of Love is an excellent organization that comes to your home to rescue your best friend and help them gently go into that night. My baby got very ill and it was clear he was at the end of a long, happy, fruitful life. I couldn’t take him to the vets because he hated to go and I didn’t want his last memory to be a place he hated. So we called Lap of Love. We made an appointment for Sunday afternoon after church services. Dr Rene came and was instantly like an old cherished friend. She got on the floor in a dress and quickly assessed my baby’s situation. Upon realizing that he was near the end she told me everything she was doing for him. She immediately gave him a shot to relieve him of all discomfort and pain. She then picked him up and put him in my lap. I cuddled him and told him how much I love him. She then gave him a shot to help him go. He quietly stopped breathing and the color left his eyes.
Dr Rene stayed and talked like an old friend. She gave me a nice booklet with poems and things to ease my pain.
If you want to help your best friend go to the next life Lap of Love is the place to call. I cannot recommend Lap of Love highly enough! Thank you Dr Rene!f. If my review is helpful please leave me a thumbs up! Thank you. God Bless!

Sue Ting (5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5))
We are very thankful for Dr. Renee’s services. Our girl took a sudden down turn after an illness. She was able to accommodate us in a very timely manner. She first gave an IM injection to let her doze off, half sleeping. After a few minutes, when she is completely calm and comfortable, she easily found the vein and helped her transition. It really feels like she just went to sleep in the comfort of her own home. She takes as much time with us as we needed and we didn’t feel rushed. It was a very peaceful process for all us.

I don’t understand the previous negative post. The process is the process. I know how grateful we are for Dr. Renee.

Cathleen Anthony (5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5))
I want to thank Laps of Love for sending Dr. Rene to oversee Shadow in his declining days. When she first came out, she sat down and told us all of our options. We agreed Shadow still had a quality of life left him and he was put on hospice. He did well for a while, but he was a 13 1/2 year old, 125 lb. lab and he slowly got worse. Dr Rene checked with me on a regular basis. We had to make to decision to let him go and Dr. Rene came to the house and explained the procedure step-by-step. It was amazingly peaceful. Thank you again for the care and time you spent with my family.

Kat Grace (5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5))
From now on I will only use this service when the time comes to let my babies pass peacefully. No stress. In the comfort of our home.

Tanya Chilcote (5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5))
Best way to do a difficult thing

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